Alexandre Lavet


The Night Watch
Collective exhibition
Curated by Claire Contamine and Els Vermang
At Société, Brussels (BE)
07 Sept. — 10 Sept. 2023: 11 > 18h
02 Oct. — 08 Oct. 2023: by appointment only

Collective exhibition Curated by Anastasia Chaguidouline
Cercle Cité, Luxembourg (LU)
20 Oct. 2023 — 21 Jan. 2024

Latest texts:

A curtain is a door but is a door a curtain?
(、ン、) exhibition’s text (EN)
by neither

De la liberté de ne pas faire
Facettes n°7 (FR)
by Antoinette Jattiot

Luiheid als ecologisch gebaar
Tubelight #116 (NL)
by Veerle Driessen

Ensemble no.1, 2019 (Detail)